What kind of technology are you using for building the houses?

ZIP HOME building system is based on the SIPs technology. This technology uses load-bearing, isolated sandwich panel, which consist of the load-bearing envelope and of isolated core.

Isolation made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) is laminated between two layers of OSB (oriented strand board). This progressive building technology originated in the USA and it is used since 1930.

What is OSB?

 Oriented strand board, also known as OSB (UK & U.S.) and Sterling board (UK & Ireland), is an engineered wood product formed by layering strands (flakes) of wood in specific orientations. In appearance, it may have a rough and variegated surface with the individual strips (around 2.5 by 15 cm each) lying unevenly across each other. 



Can you deliver the house only or also the foundation slab or the cellar? 

We also offer a building of foundation slab or cellar. The price of the foundation is different and depends on the size of the house, technology used to made basement, or cellar, type of building material used, material availability, foundation conditions, etc.

Price of the house foundation depends on several factors and circumstances on the building site, such as: 

Access to the building plot, the complexity of the transfer of materials and technology in the establishment of earthwork, the distance of the landfill to save landfill excavation (excavated soil), price for the storage of excavations, transport and time limitation on the territory.

Elevation of the building plot in the area of construction, stabilisation of the excavation, high of the ground water, soil quality.

Pumping of the water from the excavation pit, drainages, embankments, sheeting. 

Basic methods of making basement plate, base-belts, earth piles, ...

Reinforcing of the basement depends on the soil quality and conditions, the geology, or other methods used to stabilize the substrate.

Based on the evaluation of the radon measurements it is possible to make anti-radon measures, etc.

Where are you building and delivering your houses? 

We are building and delivering the houses across all EU

What is the thermal resistance of the construction of the wall?

Basic design of non-insulated wall structure without the extended facade thermal insulation is as follows: 

-ZIP4_170 R is3,736 m2K/W

-ZIP4_210 R is 4,736 m2K/W

-ZIP4_270 R is 6,236 m2K/W

The thermal resistance of the wall of the house with additional contact facade insulation system using the EPS_80 quality insulation boards from outside and the interior fitted with plasterboard, the thermal resistance of the wall is as follows:

-ZIP4_170 + StiroEPS80 hrúbky 80mmR - 5,882 m2K/W

-ZIP4_170 + StiroEPS80 hrúbky 100mmR - 6,667 m2K/W

-ZIP4_210 + StiroEPS80 hrúbky 80mmR - 7,143 m2K/W

-ZIP4_210 + StiroEPS80 hrúbky 100mmR - 7,692 m2K/W

-ZIP4_270 + StiroEPS80 hrúbky 80mmR - 8,333 m2K/W

-ZIP4_270 + StiroEPS80 hrúbky 100mmR - 9,091 m2K/W

These are just some examples of the structure for the exterior walls. 

How is the house ventilated?

For the construction of energy efficient or passive houses in the standard of ZIPHOME it is necessary to use appropriate ventilation system with heat recovery units.

This option is also the most comfortable with easy way of control. There are many different systems for ventilation - centralized and decentralized.

Specific solutions are given in detail in individual projects.

For the lower energy standards of the houses, we offer the easiest systems with forced ventilation with windows using micro-ventilation and humidity sensor controlled fan. This option is not suitable for energy efficient or for passive houses.

Can I provide some work on the house alone to save the cost? 

Of course, yes. Scope of the supply depends solely on your decision. You can decide and choose one of the finishing degrees of your house: 

 Supply of material only for the house construction

Bare house Delivery and installation of the house shell construction using the system ZIP HOME

Bare House - extended (outside finished) Shell construction including facades, roof covering, windows and glass walls, exterior railings, entrance door, without inner house installations 

House prepared for final coverings Bare House - extended – including interior walls and realization of technical building equipment (electric installation, gas heating with radiators, forced air ventilation with recuperation, sanitary installations) without final coverings, interior doors, doorframes, paint, sanitary furnishings, supply fittings, lighting, kitchen and kitchen devices.

Turnkey House House ready to move in – finished from outside and inside finished.

Individual Design Design according to your requirements 

The above standardized embodiments of houses do not include the foundations and basement. These can be realized based on the individual client’s requirements.You can choose what suits you and define the scope of supply of the house by yourself.

For this purpose, we offer consultations with our specialists or architects. Contacts can be found on our web site. 

Can I choose in advance what kind of materials will be used in the construction?

Of course, yes. Your new home should be your particular home. We offer consultation with the architect during the time of the ordering of the house. During the meeting your requirements are transformed into the project documentation. The construction of the house is carried out according to your specifications approved taking account of your individual choice of materials.

Dá sa u Vás postaviť rodinný dom zo 100% hypotéku?

Ano, ale záleží na type úveru pretože požadujeme zálohu pred vyskladnením domu z výrobného závodu. Pomôžeme Vám úver sprostredkovať alebo Vám doporučíme viac finančných poradcov. Základné informácie o možnosti financovania výstavby rodinného domu najdete v sekcii finančné poradenstvo.

What a financial deposit must be made up?

Basically, if you require only the delivery of the material for your new house, we require 100% prepayment before it is supplied from our warehouse.

If you require turnkey delivery, normally we require a deposit from 20 to 25% during the contract signing. It is possible to individually negotiate terms of financing and for construction works

How long does it take to build a house?

It depends on the size, structure, and the picked-up standard of the house, weather condition, local restrictions, financing of the construction, and other factors.

By default, the turnkey construction period is no longer than 3 months, when the complete specification is agreed at least one month prior to the commencement of the construction. The construction of the cellar with excavation could prolong the construction time by 4-6 weeks.

How long does it take to build a rough structure of the ZIP HOME ?

Installation and construction time to build the shell construction of the house on the ready-made basement plate, or cellar usually takes 6-12 days depending on the size and complexity of the floor of the building.

Of course, assembly time also depends on the size of the assembly group and their skills. Installation and assembly of the shell construction from the ZIP HOME system is possible to manage with the group of 2-3 members.

What kind of warranty I would get for the ZIP HOME structural system ?

We provide standard warranty for 36 months under the warranty terms.

As an additional service we offer extended warranty period up to 10 years.

What is the warrants for ZIP panels only?

We provide a standard warranty for 36 months under the warranty terms. As an additional service we offer extended warranty period of 10 years.

Detailed information you can be obtained in the section contact.

How is the price structure? Is the negotiated price a fixed price?

All supplies and performances for the house delivery are specified in the price breakdown specification. The prices are fixed. All agreements and conditions are described in the contract specification and they become binding upon signature of both parties.

What is the difference between the various stages of completion of the building? 

Various stages of the house supply are described on the www page.

We will provide you more information based on your telephone or written (e-mail) request. 

How fast after the signing of the contract you could start the construction? 

If a valid building permition is issued, commencing of the construction is normally within 12 days after signing the contract. All details are defined in the contract and becomes binding for both parties.

Do you carry out also other building works?

Yes, we do. We can realize your project up to the stage of "turnkey delivery" including landscaping and park landscaping works.

More information about the scope of our activities you could find on our web site.

Is it possible to build a three-storey house with the ZIP HOME building systems ? 

Yes, it is. It only depends on the project and on the design. Execution project (construction project documentation) must take into account all local legal requirements of the construction of the house.

ZIP HOME construction system allows you to build houses, apartment buildings, buildings for sport, and commercial, cultural and other types of structures. 

How much m2 can maximally have one floor?

ZIP HOME construction system itself has no restrictions on floor area. If (local) legislation does not specify the dimensional or area restrictions for the construction, the houses can does not have any space restrictions. 

What kind of renders and finish is used on the interior walls?

Basically, the walls are finished internally with plasterboard and acrylic paint, or with ceramic tiles. You can use other finishes on the walls such as stone, wood, plastic, composite, etc.

Details of the composition and finishing of the walls, ceilings, roofs can be found on our website under "Downloads". 

What's included in the price list?

Prices are specified in detail with a description of the parts and components of a delivery. The prices are always clearly outlined for supplied parts, or units.

When price lists specifies the material only, the place of delivery is always specified.

What is not includes in the price?

Prices are specified in detail with a description of the parts and components of a delivery. 

Technical data sheets of individual parts are attachments of the price lists, they specify the products in detail.

What kind of certificates are available for ZIP HOME construction system ?

The ZIP HOME construction system is certified and regularly checked by "Research and Development Institute for Wood, s.p., Prague 1."

Product Certificate no.: 2233/222 / § 5a/2011 you can download here.

What is the fire classification of the ZIP HOME wall ?  

Construction of the ZIP wall has European fire testing and certification. Fire resistance-type composition of the inside of the wall is: REI45 and from outside: REI45-ef. The detailed description you can find in the attached file: "FIRE RESISTANCE CLASSIFICATION OF FIRES-CR-103-11-AUPS"

Are there ready-made sample drawings for the houses?

Yes, we offer our clients also this kind of service

Can you made individual changes to your ready-made sample drawings of the houses?

Yes, we provide also this individual service. Our architects and designers are able to make changes to the layout of our sample houses.

Can I use my own individual project to build a house from ZIP HOME building system ?

Yes. For individual projects the project drawings for execution have to be extended for ZIP HOME assembly documentation and for static calculation of ZIP HOME.

This documentation can be ordered in our company.

Can I provide the project documentation by myselves ?

Yes, under some circumstances. The building system ZIP HOME is well documented, with documents and principles for the design and installation.

In keeping with these design principles you can individually prepare the project documentation through the authorized person with authorization permission (architect, engineer).

For the design of the houses it is necessary to qualify for this activity - according to local legislation.

Can I use custom design documentation? 

Yes, we deliver the building system and we build also based on individual project documentation available to you.

The only condition is the project drawings have been developed by authorized person, who correctly applied the principles of ZIP HOME building system to the project drawings.

For these cases you could use the consultation with our specialists.

We are also able to adjust the project documentation and adapted it for use with ZIP HOME building system.

What does the project documentation consist of? (Water supply project, sewage, electricity, gas, heating and ventilation projects?)

If we deliver the project documentation, the water supply project, sewerage, electricity, gas, heating and ventilation projects are a part of the documentation.

Of course, we are able also to offer a partial delivery of entire project work.

What is the price of the turnkey ZIPHOME house ?

Price for the KEY-Delivered house is affected by several factors, such as standard of the house equipment, materials used for floors, walls, windows, doors, etc.. 

Subsequently, the price impact site realities such as availability, traffic restrictions, height restrictions, and the possibility of using techniques and so on. 

These and other factors affect the cost of the assembly itself. 

To be able to determine the cost of key-delivered construction we must finalize the project documentation, which addresses all of the exact specification of the range (such as fencing, communications, garden and landscaping, utility lines, other small buildings on the land, etc...).

If the key-delivery price is agreed, we guarantee this price as a fixed price for the house. 

You can choose what suits the best of your needs:

Supply of material only for the specified house construction

Bare house

Delivery and installation of the house shell construction using the system ZIP HOME

Bare House - extended (outside finished)

Shell construction including facades, roof covering, windows and glass walls, exterior railings, entrance door, without inner house installations 

House prepared for final coverings

Bare House - extended – including interior walls and realization of technical building equipment (electric installation, gas heating with radiators, forced air ventilation with recuperation, sanitary installations) without final coverings, interior doors, doorframes, paint, sanitary furnishings, supply fittings, lighting, kitchen and kitchen devices

Turnkey House

House ready to move in – finished from outside and inside finished

Individual Design

Design according to your requirements

Where I can see the finished ZIPHOME houses? Is it possible to see the process of the house built? 

Yes, we actually build the family houses using the ZIP HOME system in the village Edelstal in Austria. Completion of the construction is scheduled for 06/2012. We will provide more information on our website, when you could visit the sample houses. 

Do you provide a sample projects of the family houses?

Yes, we do. Some projects are already listed on our website. Other new project will appear soon.

What is the process of obtaining a building permit and final inspection of ZIPHOME houses ?

Method of obtaining a building permit for ZIPHOME houses is the same as for other buildings from other construction systems. The process of obtaining building permits, construction and final inspection is also one of the services that we offer to our customers.

Are the ZIPHOME houses earthquake resistant?

Yes, they are. On our web site you will find some references to such a houses built with SIPs technology. We sell these houses under our brand - ZIP HOME.

What does the ZIP HOME wall consist of ?

ZIP panels are constructed from the load-bearing OSB plates and from EPS insulation core laminated between the OSB plates. 

We are using the OSB4 boards - the structural plates recommended for high mechanical loads, suitable also for the environments with increased humidity. When the project implementation and operational conditions are kept, there will be no degradation of the material used.

OSB - Oriented Strand Board are pressed flat plate made from oriented large-scale particles composed of three layers and bound with synthetic resin binder. These plates were developed in the North America in the fifties as a full substitute for more expensive and at that time scarce building materials - plywood, used in the U.S. and Canada for all kind of wooden buildings. In these countries, like also in the Scandinavian countries, the wooden construction of the houses and other buildings has the great tradition and popularity.

On the European market belongs to OSB only that flake board, which meets the standard of EN 300.

EPS (Polystyrene) is a thermal insulation material. This plastic material is not subject of material degradation. Polystyrene is one of the most widely used plastics, the scale being several billion kilograms per year.

How much does the installation of shell construction of ZIP HOME cost ?

Price of the installation depends on various factors. It is affected by the size of the house, by the site conditions, local circumstances of the building site, local legislation, accessibility of the building site by building mechanism, the availability of the energy on site, etc.

Approximate cost of the shell construction for installation in standard version is in the range 25% -38% off the total price. 

Circumstances which affect the price: 

Access to the building site, the complexity of the transfer of materials and transfer of technology, distance to the landfill, size of land

Elevation of the building land in the area of construction, distance to the transport roads

Restrictions on working time (Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, …) 

Protection of the site - the site dependence

What kind of material is used for the facades ? 

As a final finish of the external walls - the full contact insulation system with silicate plaster scratch is normally used. For the final outline - any type of hinged facades of wood, plastics, composites, and stone is possible.

More information can be given during consultation with our expert.

What kind of warranty I would get for the house ?

For the supply of the shell construction we provide a standard guarantee of 36 months. Extension of the guarantee period may be offered for additional charge. 

The guarantee conditions are described in the contract.

What kind of the material is used for interior walls ?

The interior load-bearing walls are made from the ZIP panels. They are lined with plasterboards. Other (non-load-bearing) internal walls are created as a dry construction. The most commonly they are made as plasterboard drywalls.

How it is with the house soundproof ?Do you hear a conversation from one room to the another one ? 

The construction of ZIP HOME meets the standard prescribed by the boundary conditions for permissible noise levels in the buildings.

If the house is built in standard of ZIPHOME, it meets all the requirements for the building acoustics: airborne sound insulation structure as well as footfall sound insulation.

What are the requirements for a passive house ?

There are only a few requirements in the principle to be met:

The plot with a suitable orientation (to find a suitable plot)

The project documentation worked out with regard to the principles of Passive House

Compliance of the construction with the project documentation

What is used on the roof of the house ?

The composition of the roof is specified in the project.

As the roofing is in principle possible to use any kind of covering available like the foils, bitumen, clay tiles, concrete tiles, various fittings, metal roofing or other material.

Based on your idea we will recommend you the suitable composition of the roof on your ZIPHOME. 

What is the difference between conventional construction and ZIPHOME construction ?

The ZIP HOME building system brings several advantages:

Building elements (ZIP panels) are load-bearing and they contain thermal insulation.

In comparison with the building materials (such as brick) the ZIP HOME building system offers the advantage of “magnification” of the living area thanks to thinner walls.

The thermal resistance of the panel with a thickness of 170 mm used for walls is R = 3.736 m2 K/ W.

The panels are flat building blocks, which speed of installation is unmatched by traditional methods of construction.

The entire assembly of the building construction is without wet processes. The elements allow exposing them for the load immediately.

Usage of a water for a house ?

Water supply for a house can be addressed from your own well or from a connection to the local water supply network. It depends on local conditions, location and availability of public networks. 

What kind of material is used between the floors ?

You can find all types of structure samples on our web site.