What is ZIP HOME building system?

The ZIP HOME building system is based on the SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel) concept. The ZIP HOME building system can be used to construct family houses, administrative buildings, pastime and recreation facilities, hotels or sports hall cladding.
The ZIP HOME building system can be used as a single system, or in conjunction with other structural systems.
The basic building block in the system is a ZIP sandwich panel composed of an insulation core glued on both sides to the bearing construction. This results in creating a load-bearing element which is also insulated.
The ZIP HOME building system is suitable for the construction of energy-efficient and passive houses.


ZIP Panels

The ZIP panel cloak consists of a flake board (OSB) and the insulating core panel is made of self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene (EPS). By laminating the EPS insulation core between two OSB boards, a rigid shell element - ZIP panel - is made, acting as an I beam.
The ZIP panels can be used in vertical, horizontal and oblique structures, bearing and non-bearing walls and partitions, or in creating a facade.

  1. Plaster (gypsum) board - 12,5mm
  2. ZIP_170 bearing wall panel - 170mm
  3. EPS_160 thermal insulation board - 160mm
  4. Reinforcing layer - 3,0mm
  5. Structured outer mineral plaster - 2,5mm
The ZIP panel has a 40mm deep groove around its circumference, which is used for inserting the connecting element to connect the individual panels.
The panels are manufactured with channels for electrical wiring. The request for electrical wiring channels must be made in the order form.
If necessary, the panels can be manufactured with the electrical wiring channels at custom locations as per the customer requirements.

 The panels of ZIP HOME building system, dimensions and others technical parameters:

  Name Panel thickness [mm] U value [W/(m2・K)] Insulation core thinckness [mm] Areal weight [kg/m2] Panel width [mm] Panel lengths [mm] 
  ZIP4_120 120 0,37 90 18,7 1.250 2.500
  ZIP4_170 170 0,25 140 19,6  
  ZIP4_210 210 0,20 180 20,3  
  ZIP4_270 270 0,16 240 21,4  


ZIP panel connecting elements, trim elements around the holes

Connecting panels or wooden beams serve as connecting elements. These are inserted into the groove. The space between the EPS and the connecting element is fitted with polyurethane foam; polyurethane glue is used in connecting wooden elements. When constructing energy efficient buildings and structures, the tightness of construction joints must be ensured. Mechanically, the connection is coupled or nailed.
To trim the holes, wooden beams are used. The principles in the connecting elements also apply to sealing and bonding.

Wooden structural elements, sheet material:

  • I frames
  • Wooden KVH beams, boards...
  • BSH glued laminated timber beams
  • OSB boards

Adhesives, foams, sealants

  • polyurethane foam
  • polyurethane glue
  • compression expansion tapes
  • sealing tapes

Fasteners, joints
In the ZIP HOME building system, the following fasteners are used:

  • staples, nails, screws
  • SIP panel bolts, beam screws
  • threaded rods
  • concrete anchors
  • beam ceiling shackles
  • beam couplings
  • strip bands
  • column feet
  • etc.

Bare House from ZIP HOME building system