A brief history of SIPs technology

The early concept of structural insulated panels was developed in 1930's in Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright used structural insulated panels in the construction project for affordable homes in 1930's and 1940's.

In 1952, Wright's student Albert B. Dow, the brother of the founder of DOW Chemical Company, manufactured the first SIP panel with an insulating core. The houses were built in Michigan using panels with a polystyrene core laminated between two plywood boards. Some of these houses can still be found today, and they are inhabited.

In 1959, the Detroit company Koppers opened the first SIPs production plant and in 1960 it launched the production of SIPs panels as we know them today.

In 1990, the Structural Insulated Panel Association was founded to support this construction technology and bring its production to the masses.